SureHands® Lift repair

SureHands® Ceiling Track Lifts, Mobile Lifts and Pool Lifts

We offer service and repair of all Sure Hands lift products including overhead track lifts, Freedom Bridge free standing, Mobile lifts and pool lifts. We also provide Sure Hands Body Supports and slings as well as custom designed slings to accommodate the individual needs of our clients.

SureHands® Mobile Lifts and slings

We service and repair all Sure Hands mobile patient lift systems. Vegas Medical Repair is an authorized provider of all Lift products and a certified repair center in Las Vegas. Ask for your free equipment safety inspection. If you have a lift system other than Sure Hands that needs service or is in need of modernization we can help. Call for your free equipment evaluation.

Residential and clinical applications

Surehands Lift systems are designed for residential, commercial and clinical applications. We can evaluate and service or repair your existing Surehands Lift system. We provide parts and equipment upgrades. We can certify your equipment and provide required yearly safety certifications. For more information about Surehands Lift products go to